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White Skin

Forget stains, wear a porcelain complexion


.. .of among all the skin problems that concern to today's woman, stains are considered third in importance?

.. .on the face, already in the neckline or in the backs of the hands, circumscribed or diffuse, stains are perceived as one of the first signs of skin aging?

.. .the hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult cutaneous alterations  to treat ?

.. .is one of the most common antiestetisms between Caucasian and Asian skins?

The spots on the skin

One of the mechanisms that have skin to defend us from ultraviolet rays is the Melanogenesis, biological process responsible for the coloration of skin and hair carried out by melanocytes.

The spots are due to an accumulation of melanin at a certain point, there where the skin is most sensitive: in the face, neck and hands.

The causes of the disorders of pigmentation can be due to three factors:

  • Factors of inflammatory acne, Sun, pollution etc.
  • Biological factors such as chronological aging, menopause, pregnancy, etc.
  • Factors chromophores that pigmented skin and leave it with lack of luminosity and dead (like hemoglobin and collagen).

Montibello White Skin

Forget stains, wear a porcelain complexion.

Specific treatment with bleaching action to treat the skin with excess of pigmentation that fights the dark spots and unifies skin.

The latest scientific developments say that external agents, such as cosmetics, can cause reactions at the genetic level, resulting in changes in the expression of our genes.

Cosmetogenomic (cosmetics linked to the power of genes) is based on active principles able to modulate the behavior of a gene, and they favor or inhibit activity of the cell genome thus improving any antiestetism (spots, wrinkles...)

White Skin of Montibello is an advanced solution of Cosmetogenomic including the Genoinhibit System formula, resposible for whitening and avoiding the appearance of stains from the inside.

Genoinhibit System is composed of a set of assets that modulate, and blocks the activity of the gene responsible for activating the skin melanogenesis process from three different fronts:

  • Palmitoyl Prolina: blocks the inflammatory mediators and inhibits the expression of the gene for tyrosinase, responsible for activating the melanogenesis process
  • Bellis Perennis: inhibits the formation and transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.
  • Rabdosia and Siegesbeckia: acts on three principal chromophores of the skin, reducing the melanin and hemoglobin and increasing collagen. It improves the brightness, while reducing redness and dark spots.

Complementary assets of the Montibello Cosmetogenomic bleach White Skin line:

  • Nopal extract: active renewal, mimicking the natural processes of the skin.
  • Alpha and Betahidroxiacids Assembly: Glycolic, Malic, Lactic, Citric and Salicylic, which remove dead cells from the surface layer of the skin leaving it hydrated.
  • Phytic Acid: inhibits melanin synthesis, that capture the iron and copper, which are essential for their generation. Powerful antioxidant action: captures free radicals that stimulate the formation of melanin.
  • Glyco-Repair: activates the natural processes of recovery and reorganization of the tissues damaged or subjected to an aggression. With restorative and soothing action.

Efficiency Test results

Reduction of Pigmentation


Tests in vivo *:

Visible reduction of spot: 94 %

More radiant skin tone: 91 %

*Essay in vivo carried out over 30 panelists. Treatment for 3 months.

Perfect Whitening Cream SPF 20


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Perfect Whitening Cream SPF 20

Facial day cream that regulates the process of pigmentation skin, inhibiting and preventing the appearance of spots on the skin, at the same time...

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Specific Blemish Roll-on


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Specific Blemish Roll-on

Fluid ultradespigmentant Montibello, specific to apply directly to the stain. Formula with GENOINHIBIT SYSTEM technology and enhanced with a cocktail...

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Whitening Renewal Serum


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Whitening Renewal Serum

Specific serum Montibello to apply at night, with powerful whitening, antioxidant and regenerating action that inhibits and prevents the appearance...

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