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Unisex makeup Sublime´Teint

Nannic Sublime´Teint, new generation of waterproof make-up water


Nannic did not understand why until today the makeup compositions are made with oils, emulsifiers, and a lot of titanium oxides (dyes).

The makeup Teint Sublime´ consist of silicones and waxes ultra-thin, highly purified. Using a smaller amount of titanium dioxide, mixture of colors has been selected with ultrathin and purified iron oxides as pigments.

Nannic, also uses a very specific technology to create a color uniform and homogeneous dispersion, called Soft Focus.

La tecnología Soft Focus del Maquillaje Unisex Sublime Teint refleja la luz en todas direcciones

Its Soft Focus technology offers a transparent and very natural look and to not stain clothing a perfect makeup also makes it to use male, thus providing a new trend:

unisex makeup.

Does not obstruct the pores, hypoallergenic, 100 * resistant to water and perspiration



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Unisex natural looking makeup. 100 % water and perspiration resistant. Permanent 16 hours Throughout the day, impeccable, homogeneous and with a...

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