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Sublime Aurum Homéopathique Cream

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200 ml

Aurum Utsukusy - Gold Cream Utsukusy

Cream with Microactive Gold, in an High Pure Solution (Hahneman tested this homeopathic remedy in 1818).

Utsukusy has developed a new formula containing Homeopathic Gold, rich in oligoelements bioasimilables by the body, in combination with Hyaluronic Acid and Linoleic Acid Microspheres (SPF15), contributing to the skin:

  • + 30 % cell regeneration and hydration
  • + 40 % efficiency in the blurring of stains and discoloration.
  • + 30 % effective anti-wrinkle and anti-free free

The Aurum Utsukusy Cream (Cream Aurum Sublime Homéopathique) stimulates the skin's metabolism and the micro-healing for an intense luminosity.

His power of regeneration acts on cells of the epidermis tweaking the microrelief to get an inmediately luminous tone.

It nourishes the skin while maintaining a progressive hydration and giving a real feeling of comfort.

Whitening of the skin and powerful reafirmador of the tissues.



100 % Natural




* Beauty Trick: Apply the cream also in hands to combat spots and restore the brightness.




The Ideal Complement for yourSublime Aurum Homéopathique Cream :

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