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Spécifique Cryoactive

Spécifique Crioactivo: Transforms the cellulite in firmness

Montibello with its line of treatment Spécifique Crioactivo proposes an innovative methodology to complement the modelling and circulatory treatments through the cold effect.
The Crioactiva cosmetics uses the cooling effect as a powerful and complementary asset in body treatments.
The scientific basis is precisely the natural mechanism in which the human body, cools, and to compensate for the fall in local skin temperature, reacts by releasing heat, thus stimulating the metabolism of fats at the surface level, simultaneously which increases peripheral microcirculation favouring drainage.

Range formulated with Cell Fitness System: complex drainage-reducer

  • Glaucina: multifunctional molecule that changes the cellulite firmness:
to) preventive activity: prevents the maturation process that converts the preadipocitos into adipocytes, which are not capable of storing fat.
(b) reparative activity: reduces the appearance of cellulite on the skin, to stimulate lipolysis. Also adipose tissue is replaced by a Web of support that increases the firmness of the skin.
  • Red alga Palmaria Palmata: thanks to its draining properties, stimulates cellular exchanges and promotes the Elimination of toxins in a slimming cure, contributing to improving the distribution of water in the tissues.
  • Menthol: refreshing, soothing, toning and revitalizing. It is responsible for the crioactivo effect.

Cool Gel

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Cool Gel

Cool Gel (Gel cold slimming Montibello)Anti-Cellulite - Firming Gel (Volume Reducer Gel) Gel Cryoactive Treatment of easy absorption that transforms...

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