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Skeyndor Corrective

Skeyndor Corrective: Always forever young pretty

Revolution cosmetics for women

After 3 years of research, more than 25 substances tested and the study of some 200 combinations, the Laboratories Skeyndor have created Corrective, cosmetic treatment for the woman who removes wrinkles, including the deeper, Rejuvenates the expression and returns the skin smooth and youthful appearance.

Overcoming challenges

Offer a real alternative to surgical treatments that correct more pronounced wrinkles on the face, known as ###quot; lines ###quot; has been, without a doubt, the most important challenge of the last years in the field of female cosmetics.

To meet this challenge, they have had to overcome two major problems:

  1. The barrier that is your skin on the input of substances applied topically.
  2. The impossibility of applying to cosmetic aesthetic medicine means to effectively save this barrier.

Despite the research and development of different alternatives to substances for exclusive application in Sermoestetica, the results achieved in the treatment of deep wrinkles had been more discreet so far.

The cosmetic revolution: Skeyndor Corrective

Corrective is a product of Skeyndor inspired by leading medical-aesthetic treatments in the world, formulated scientifically for Deep wrinkles and Lines of expression in a fast and effective way.

Based on intensive research in Surgical cosmetics, efficiency, design and textures have been studied thoroughly to give skin a few unique results, exceptional care and comfort.

The merger in a same treatment of filling techniques with the application of substances capable of relaxing the skin microcontracturas, produces an intense effect of straightening in the deepest wrinkles.

Vivo proven

The effectiveness of Skeyndor Corrective is backed by scientific studies of the active main containing and clinical trials on products.

Expression Lines Serum


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Expression Lines Serum

Skeyndor serum to smooth deep wrinkles and expression lines. Combines up to 7 actives with proven eficacy. Made with Agents Neuro-inhibitors and...

Skeyndor104 Beauty Points
Eye Expression Lines Eraser


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Eye Expression Lines Eraser

Skeyndor specific product to decontract the Lines of expression of the contour of the eyes. It contains a combination of agents dermo-lifting and...

Skeyndor76 Beauty Points
Instant Lip Contour Filler


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Instant Lip Contour Filler

Specific product Skeyndor to fill and decontract Deep Wrinkles in the Lips Contour. Made with internal tissue redensifiers, dermo-lifting and...

Skeyndor59 Beauty Points

Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream


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Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream

Skeyndor cream for the treatment of deep wrinkles and expression lines Cream to fill the Deep wrinkles and soften Frown lines of the face. Combines...

Skeyndor122 Beauty Points

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