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Re.equilibrium - enjoy a pure skin and without glare

An excess of sebum as a result of a great activity in the sebaceous glands of the skin occurs in an oily skin. Often these skins tend to have acne, skin disorder which manifests with multiple imperfections, and that is due to hormonal changes, environmental factors, etc...

These skin types require specific treatments to rebalance the excess fat, regulate the pH of the skin and prevent bacterial growth, but while at the same time maintain the optimal level of dermal hydration.

RE.EQUILIBRIUM of Montibello has been formulated with innovative complex Balance Pure-T, where synergic seaweed Laminaria, Magnolia extract, green tea, grapefruit, Thujopsis and Centella Asiatica extract.


  • Significant reduction of sebaceous secretion
  • The skin is tuned, comedones and impurities are reduced.
  • The natural ecosystem of skin rebalances
  • The reactions of irritation are minimized.
  • Of the acne marks is attenuated

Rebalance your skin with RE.EQUILIBRUM of Montibello

Reequilibrium Balancing Concealer Pencil


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Reequilibrium Balancing Concealer Pencil

Revolutionary corrector pen with salicylic acid is reduced and camouflages the skin blemishes from acne. New acne concealer pencil: a must that you...

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Reequilibrium Matt Effect Balancing Gel Cream


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Reequilibrium Matt Effect Balancing Gel Cream

Cream-gel ###quot; oil-free ###quot; (without oil) Montibello, moisturizing and sebo-reguladora, formulated with Pure-T Balancecomplex. It has...

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Reequilibrium Purifying Balancing Gel


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Reequilibrium Purifying Balancing Gel

Oil-oil-free gel and purifying, suitable for acne. Formulated with complex Balance Pure-T, regulates the Sebaceous secretion, prevents bacterial...

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