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New from MontibelloMontibello RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir


A unique formula for investment, since today, in the future of your skin.

Montibello RC Reinassance Cellular Elixir is an anti-aging Elixir inspired by the natural efficiency of circadian cycles, stimulates the processes of cell restoration and protection and combats skin aging and the signs of fatigue. A soft touch to look seductive, luminous skin.

A youth guarantee, recovered in 7 days

With Synchro-Repair Technology, the skin regains his youth in 7 days:

From the first application:

  • You feel the evanescence of its concentrated texture.
  • The regeneration of the skin is activated
  • The skin takes on more luminosity and beauty
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the usual treatments

After 7 days are observed the first results *:

  • Fine lines are improved: 84.2 %
  • Increases the brightness of the skin: 100 %
  • Reduce signs of fatigue: 89.5 %
  • The skin is shown relaxed and revitalized: 94.7 %

In 4 weeks *:

  • Fine lines are improved: 100 %
  • Deep wrinkles are improved: 93.3%
  • Increases firmness and elasticity: 93.8 %
  • Skin more luminous, clear and uniform: 94.4 %


* Results of self-assessment in 20 panelists aged between 30 and 65 years. Two daily applications.

ANTI-aging beauty RITUAL - a warranty of youth recovered in 7 days.

The Beauty Anti-Age Ritual by Montibello begins with RENAISSANCE CELLULAR ELIXIR, a strategy intended to invest in the future of your skin.
An essential formula  with only three or four drops, prior to treatment as usual, in the morning and at night, the best guarantee to recover youth in 7 days.

-Within the 35 years: is a timely cure, used several times a year, or used on a daily basis, according to the needs of the skin.
-After of the 35 years: will be part of the daily rituals throughout the year.

Mode of application: morning and evening, apply 3 or 4 drops of Elixir RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir by Montibello on the face, neck and cleavage on clean and dry skin, and extend them until fully absorbed. Then apply the usual beauty treatment.

Beauty trick: combine RC Reinassance Cellular Elixir of Montibello with Vita Pure C, for a multi-vitamin cocktail antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Combine Montibello RC Reinassance Cellular Elixir with Montibello Genuine Cell for the filling of wrinkles and protection of stem cells, or combine it with Arûde Premium for a treatment of cosmetic engineering antigravity. immediate firming and tightening effect.


The Ideal Complement for yourRC Renaissance Cellular Elixir :

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