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Personal Cosmetic

Range of products used within the line of Cosmetics staff., used by the and beauty centre ISIS for personalized facial treatments offered to our customers.

After an epidermal microcamera optical analysis, we can carry out a detailed study of the characteristics of the skin of the person, and from the same elaborate specifically treater product to apply, adapting each cream to the needs of each skin.

Its effectiveness is based on the differentiation of these alterations and appreciation of their presence to give the skin a cosmetic treatment complete and specific, by selecting the active ingredients in each case and dosing them insofar as they are necessary, adapting the cosmetic products to the needs of each skin of a balanced and comprehensive way.

The possibility to select, combine, and dosing the active components, make a complex full treating, which adapts to the evolution of the condition of the skin treatment effect, by both the environmental factors that influence her personal formula.

If you wish to apply for the product suitable for your skin, give us a call and you will make prior a full analysis and study personalized free of charge.

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