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Oxidance C&C Intense Protection Antioxidant Serum Vit. C + C


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New Serum Keenwell moisturizing and illuminator of silky touch with Vitamin C and other antioxidant action, anti-radical and regenerating ingredients.

Oxidance C&C Serum Antioxidant Intense Protection with Vitamin C + C is a great antioxidant and regenerating action serum, protector of the cellular DNA, who inhibits oxidative stress and captures free radicals (ROS, RNS) preventing the premature aging.

It stimulates the Collagen Synthesis, revitalizes, reduces expression lines and wrinkles. Adds softness, hydration and illuminates the skin.

Oxidance C&C Antioxidant Serum Intense Protection Vit. C + C by Keenwell is an intensive anti free radical treatment.
It provides hydration and firmness to the skin.
It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, providing elasticity and firmness.
It promotes the regeneration of the skin, prevents premature aging.
Ideal for treating the skin of people who smoke.
Due to its texture, it is also suitable for men, after shaving.
Soft illuminator and lightening effect.

With Solar Protection Factor (SPF15), Vitamin C Stabilized, Lipochroman-6 and Biofil Molecular Moisturizing.

The result: A soft, hydrated, comfortable and bright skin.

Keenwell Oxidance: Vit. C + C

Mode of Application: Apply Keenwell Oxidance C&C antioxidant Serum vitamin intense protection C ++ C every day in the evening, with a soft and gentle massage.

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