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Montibello RC Elixir

Montibello New Product: RC Renaissance Cellular ElixirMontibello RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir

Montibello is inspired by the natural efficiency of circadian cycles to create:

(Exclusive technology Montibello)

The Enhancer indispensable to complement the Montibello anti-aging program and fight against aging from the source


You know that...?

.. .the skin cells are controlled itself by a biological clock essential to keep the capital of youth?


Recent scientific studies in the field of Chronobiology have demonstrated the existence of circadian cycles, an internal clock in each of the cells of the skin that controls its regeneration.
In a youthful skin all cells are synchronized so that DNA remains protected during the day, the time when it is subjected to environmental aggressions, and at night, damage is repaired.


Technology Synchro-Repair

1. it regulates circadian cycles:
- Cronopeptid: cells synchronized to your biological clock so that the skin is protected during the day and repaired during the night with greater efficiency.
2. repair the signs of skin aging:
- Hyaluronic Acid: synergy of assets of different molecular weight acting on all the layers of the skin. Provides hydration, elasticity, and redensifies the dermis to correct wrinkles.
- Matriquinas: BioMimetic Peptides that improve the internal cohesion of the tissue and stimulate the synthesis of dermal fibres to combat flaccidity.
3. combat signs of fatigue:
- Globularia Extract: stimulates natural defenses and cellular detoxification processes to provide comfort and relaxation for the skin.
Rabdosia and Siegesbeckia Extracts: acts on three principal chromophores (melanin, hemoglobin and collagen) to improve the brightness and evenness of skin tone

  • THE skin regains his youth in 7 days

RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir


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RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir

Montibello RC Renaissance Cellular Elixir A DROP... A DESIRE OF BEAUTY COME TRUE A unique formula for investment, since today, in the future of...

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