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Intense Hydration Serum


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Anti-aging Hydration

Keenwell Serum Intense hydration is a fresh serum of ultrafast absorption that leaves a velvety film on the skin.

Serum anti-age cool unique moisturizing effect, sparingly enough to deeply hydrate the skin.

It reduces wrinkles and tonify.

This product is also effective and ideal for the man.

Ideal as a complement to the daily beauty treatment.

  • Maximum hydration
  • Luminosity
  • Anti-aging

For normal skin, dehydrated skin and dry skin.


Components Properties
Hyaluronic Acid Great power of water absorption.  Moisturizes, softens, adds elasticity and repaires the dermis, reducing the depth of wrinkles.
Pentavitin (Carbohydrates Complex) Powerful regulator of moisture and elasticity of the skin with a "long-lasting" hydration effect.
Canola Oil Anti-irritant and soothing, reduces the stress of the skin caused by UV radiation and environmental contaminants. Liquid natural emollient anti-irritant with high content in tocopherols and phytosterols.
Meadowfoam Oil It prevents skin water loss and gives light.

Serum Intense Hydration by Keenwell, for its high content in Hyaluronic Acid, deeply moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and increases the skin's elasticity. It regulates the humidity with "long-lasting" hydration effect;. Increases the resistance of the skin front environmental assaults. Maintaines in optimal conditions the barrier capacity of the skin and gives light.

Unique moisturizing effect, sparingly enough to deeply hydrate the skin. Ideal and effective product for men.
Ideal as a complement to the daily beauty treatment.

Paraben free.

Mode of Application:

As a cure for beauty: apply every morning on clean skin and complete the treatment with the application of the Cream Superhydrating Multiprotective Keenwell.
As a unique product: apply every morning and/or evening on the clean skin and massage gently until absorbed.

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