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New from Australian GoldInstant Self-Tanning Lotion Australian Gold

Get that exquisite color as you want with this luxurious lotion tanning without Sun offering a mixture perfectly balanced of tanning ingredients to a natural golden glow moisturizing skin care. The mixture Deep Darkening Color creates an immediate color as kissed by the Sun, while large amounts of DHA and bronzes DermaDark® are responsible for generating a more developed delayed effect color. FadeDefy moisturizing technology is combined with softening skin to nourish and condition, so that beautiful golden colour lasts a few days. It is assumed without timidity of your precious dark color and let caffeine do tone and firm your skin to perfection.

Type of product:

  • Mixing Deep Darkening Color
  • Technology FadeDefy
  • Fragance: Tropical breeze with top notes of pineapple, guava and melon - averages of tropical fruits and low notes of fresh watery green notes


  • Mixing Deep Darkening Color: greater amount of DHA with eritrulosis mixed with black walnut, caramel and bronze DermaDark ® generate a perfect golden brown
  • Technology FadeDefy: Kakadu plum, the major sources of vitamin C and shea butter helps to moisturise, protect and repair the skin for a longer lasting sumptuous color.
  • Skin softeners: mixture of Maka, vitamin B and extract oils offering exceptional hydration leaving your skin ready for tanning.
  • Caffeine: It invigorates and helps firm the skin for improved appearance and texture.


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