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despigmen INTENS - spots


Despigmen Intens exclusive treatment indicated for:

  • Melasma gravid (pregnancy spots)
  • Melasma produced by making contraceptives and/or application of cosmetics
  • Solar lentigines
  • own skin aging or senile lentigines to provoke his clearance
  • hyperpigmented spots produced by taking various medications
  • residual hyperpigmented spots after the acne treatments

DESPIGMEN INTENS, result of the research of the Laboratories ATACHEdermocosmetic Department (r & d), is a treatment that provides solutions to the problem of hyperpigmentation. DESPIGMEN INTENS provides a synergistic Association of substances of natural origin, and whose effectiveness is based, on the one hand, in a sequence to follow excluisvamente by the professional, treatment in cabin, and on the other hand the constancy of the daily application, treatment at home.


Depigmentation evolves gradually. Therefore it is essential for the efficacy of the treatment the daily application of Despigmen Intens cream treatment and Despigmen Intens Protector Solar 25.

The treatment started in the cabin must necessarily have continuity at home. Despigmen Intens cream treating should apply on a daily basis at home twice a day directly on the stain, except in the first week of treatment, which applies only at night. Once completed the treatment, is important a maintenance application once a day to keep the results obtained with treatment of cabin Despigmen Intens of Laboratories attachment.

During the first week of treatment at home, apply Despigmen Intens cream treating only at night. Subsequently be applied twice a day, morning and night.

In the morning, Despigmen Intens cream treatment will be applied in each spot, after a few minutes will apply your usual cream and subsequently Despigmen Intens Protector Solar 25, across the face.

At night. After desmaquilarse with Gel cleanser of the basic line, applies in each Despigmen Intens cream treating stain and will be left for a few minutes, then apply your treatment or usual cream.

Important: to obtain the desired results, it is essential that customer correctly follow treatment cabin and House.

Despigmen Intens 25 Solar Protector


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Despigmen Intens 25 Solar Protector

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Depigmenting - treating cream

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Depigmenting - treating cream

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