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Decongestant Cleanser Oil

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For all skin types

As part of the daily routine of cleaning, also for sensitive and dry skin. Highly effective as Remover makeup including eye area.

Decongestant Cleanser Oil for Face and Eyes by Atache, by its composition in natural oils and its manufacturing method acts as a decongestant, relaxing, hypoallergenic, non-woven eyelashes and preventive of wrinkles and Crow's feet. Drags the dirt from the skin and makeup, thoroughly cleaning without producing any irritant effect, at the same time that regulates the degree of moisturizing of the skin.

Mode of Application:

Apply a few drops of oil on the skin, including the area around the eyes, wet your fingers with water and gently massage to create a cleansing emulsion on face and eyes.

Remove the residue with a cotton ball or sponge moistened with water or tonic.

For all skin types



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