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Crème Rebellion Age Regard


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Rebellion Âge Regard Cream - Expression lines

Crème Rebellion Age Regard is a Anesi secific formula to correct wrinkles around eyes. Discover a bright and noticeably rejuvenated look.


In the center of attention, the unwanted "Crow's feet". This decontracting formula has the answer: an active "Botox" effect decreases in number and in depth these expression lines, while Ridulisse and Gatuline RC erased the fatigue, reduce the dehydration wrinkles and repair the passage of time effects.

How to use

Carefully remove make-up around the eyes with Fluide Démaquillant Yeux Waterproof ANESI. Apply morning and/or evening with soft and smoothing pressure in eye wrinkles: crow´s feet and frown. Conclude with a circular pressure on temples.

The strong points

  • Day after day, corrects, slows progress and prevents wrinkles caused by the micro-tensions and continuous contractions in frown lines and Crow's feet.
  • Repair the effects of the time passage on the eye contour.
  • Reduces the dehydration wrinkles.
  • Delete the tiredness marks.
  • The look exudes splendor and regains his youth.

Eye contour with Botox Effect !!

The Ideal Complement for yourCrème Rebellion Age Regard :

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