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Comfortable & Beautiful Legs

Novedad Montibello para las Piernas CansadasMontibello Comfortable & Beautiful Legs (C&B)

Treatment for legs tired Montibello

Comfortable treatment ##amp; Beautifull Legs tired legs

Beautiful, relaxing and unblemished legs are exponent of an elegant, stylish and seductive woman. Excessive heat, long standing, overweight, pregnancy, lack of physical exercise, hereditary factors or stress, can lead to a poor venous circulation and cause feeling of "tired legs" with symptoms of discomfort, heaviness, swelling, pain, presence of redness, varicose veins and spider veins.

It looks nice and relaxed legs

Montibello presents the new body line "Comfortable ##amp;" Beautiful Legs C ###amp;B", a set of innovative products intended to treat different alterations of the circulatory system specifically minimizing the symptoms of the so-called"tired legs"."

The cooling effect of the treatment immediately relieves legs giving them a feeling of lightness and well-being lasting.

Changes in the circulatory system affecting the beauty of your legs

Blood system

Alterations arise when venous valves are not working properly or when the wall of a vein gives in and weakens. This alteration causes:

Vascular dilatations due to vascular insufficiency.

  • Capillary fragility: weakness of the small blood vessels that can cause small hemorrhages and bruising with minor hits.
  • Venous Stasis: there is a congestion of the veins, accompanied by feeling of heaviness, swelling and cramps in the lower extremities.
  • Varicose veins: consists of Permanent dilation of veins, noting bultadas under the skin. Venous return is slower than normal causing an increase of the amount of blood in the lower extremities, so blood pressure increases on the wall of the veins causing its expansion.

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a secondary circulation interwoven with blood circulation, consisting of vessels and lymph nodes. Alterations arise when lymph vessels not well drain its content or there is an accumulation of lymph due to lack of a drainage correct, leading to an accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

  • Edema: edema is an infiltration of tissues by an excess of fluid that manifests itself with a swelling of the soft tissues. Most frequent swelling originate in the legs.

Innovative products for the Global program of the Comfortable leg ##amp; Beautiful Legs C ###amp;Montibello B is these changes thanks to its innovative Ultraconcentrado of ginger, cutting-edge asset-centric awarded the prize Frost ###amp;Sullivan 2012 for its effectiveness.

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