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Coffret Stem C3


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Anesi Stem Cells and C Vitamin Coffret

Chronological aging treatment

New and exclusive Salon treatment STEM C3 by Anesi, based on recent advances in biotechnology to promote collagen formation, decreasing wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Its assets include vitamin C in stable form of protective action against free radicals, moisturizing, firming, slightly lightening, getting in three moments of application to match the skin tone. Vegetable stem cells Act on fibroblasts, prolong the life of the cells and promote its regeneration.

Anesi Coffret Stem C3 contains the following single-dose for 4 treatments:

  • Stem C3 Mask 20 ml.
  • Stem C3 Mask Activator 1.8 g.
  • C3 Stem Concentrate Vial 10 ml.
  • Stem C3 Emulsion 5 ml.
  • Cell-EGF 3 ml

Mode of application:

1 gently remove makeup around the eyes with cotton rectangles soaked in Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance.
2 makeup face, neck and décolleté with cleansing emulsion Anesi and subsequently improve with Anesi lotion to dry skin.
3 apply a liberal coat, enzyme peeling Cream Gommage Caresse Sensation without massage, on the set of face and neck. After 10 minutes, remove with a tissue and remove lotion and dry skin.
4. take a vial of Concentrated Stem C3 and press the upper piston to free vitamin C powder, allowing the mixture with liquid formulated with Vegetales Madre Células and glycoproteins. Stir until powder is dissolved. Apply the set of face and neck, avoiding the eye contour, and massage until its penetration. You can ionize by negative pole.
5. pour envelope content in a Bowl Mask Stem C3 and the contents of the Activator mask Stem C3. Mix until a homogeneous texture of mousse.
6. apply with spatula in liberal coat by the set of face and neck, avoiding the eye contour. After 20 min., remove any mask with wet towels and perfect with lotion. Dry skin.
7 extend through massage the Serum CELL-EGF epidermal growth Factor by the set of face and neck.
8. apply the Emulsión Stem C3 through massage maneuvers firming until absorbed.



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