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CC Cellu-Attack (Anti-Cellulite Serum)


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Innovative anti-cellulite serum,

the solution effective against cellulite

Accelerates fat burning and the removal of liquids, reshaping the body.

Serum rich, but not greasy, that it absorbs instantly allowing clothing quickly.

Results visible from the first week:

  • Reduces the volume, improve elasticity and provides softness
  • Nodules decrease, reducing effect is installed
  • The skin is smooth as if it had strained
  • The body is more firm and more tonic

Anti-cellulite efficacy of a novel formulation by Atache. New formula very cool and with easy absorption in this program attack Atache against cellulit localized to the silhouette.

It includes an exceptional anti-cellulite Massager, which mobilizes fat accumulation and eliminates excess fluids, to reach the inner layers. 22 points of contact that adhere to the skin causing a wave effect, reduce cellulite at the same time that activate blood microcirculation.

The reducing action of the Palmaria Extract and tonic action of Jojoba Oil, increase firmness and elasticity of the skin.

How to use: Apply once or twice a day, by an intense slowly and upward, circular massage always in clockwise of clock and direction of the heart. We recommend to clean and exfoliate your skin with exfoliating shower gel "LIGHT SKIN" previously; and keep your body hydrated with "PURE SILK".

This product has been created as a continuation to the professional anti-cellulite program "CELLU-ATTACK PROGRAM".  It aims to increase and improve outcomes in the cabin.

The Ideal Complement for yourCC Cellu-Attack (Anti-Cellulite Serum) :

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