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Carmen Vidal

Discover the True Essence of Women.

The woman is like this.

Free, independent, secure and vital.

The woman, who likes herself.

The woman of today.


Her aroma is like this:

A fragrance that suggests, it hints, he falls in love with.

The expression of her character and her personality.

The essence of women... women.


A full range of exclusive fragrance, with all the personality and style of Carmen Vidal aroma. Fruity, fresh and cheerful notes of the Bergomoto of Sicily, from the soft and elegant floral bouquet of Peonia and the alluring fragrance of the Musk.

Eau de Toilette Carmen Vidal


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Eau de Toilette Carmen Vidal

For any time of the day, a fresh, seductive scent. A spark of energy who discovers life and feminine character in women.   With vaporizer.  

Germaine de Capuccini101 Beauty Points
Parfum Carmen Vidal


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Parfum Carmen Vidal

For special moments a fragrance which intensifies its cheerful and elegant character. The ultimate expression of Carmen Vidal.  

Germaine de Capuccini194 Beauty Points

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