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Montibello Bodyslim: Neurocosmetics intelligent body

What is the Neurocosmetics?

BodySlim de Montibello: Innovadora Línea Anticelulítica de la Nueva NeuroCosmética Inteligente CorporalRecent scientific studies support the claim that there is a direct communication between the brain and the skin. The Neurocosmetics is the branch of Cosmetology dedicated to studying the active cosmetics with action on the nervous system.

The Neurocosmetics that today it is better known is what is usually called ##quot;Welfare-cosmetic ###quot; or ##quot;Cosmetics emotional ###quot; i.e. one that stimulates the release of endorphins, molecules of happiness.

Endorphins promote the feeling of joy, pleasure and emotional well-being.

Bodyslim: Neurocosmetics intelligent body of Montibello.

The functional Neurocosmetics, intelligent cosmetics, is one that is based on the use of neurotransmitters that Act on the skin neuroreceptores, improving the physiological state of the skin.

For the first time, Montibello combines synergistically the Neurocosmetics of wellness with the functional Neurocosmetics, cosmetics with assets able to act on the nervous system and solve an aesthetic problem.

Bodyslim is an innovative line of anti-cellulite, drainage and modelling, suitable especially for painful cellulite. Bodyslim is formulated with innovative complex Neuro-ultrasonic Cavitation System, combining the synergistic action of the Neurocosmetics effect ultrasound or cavitation.

Compose complex Neuro-ultrasonic Cavitation System the following assets:

  • Extract Marino (microalgae Euglena and poppy Marina), active effect ultrasound that breaks the compaction of adipose tissue and facilitates drainage and fat stock, and therefore improving the innervation of the tissue while power stock neurocosmetics
  • Neuropeptide anti-cellulite LNA (Neurotransmitter Lipolytic Activator), active intelligent modelling and reduction action and with a high penetration in the skin, which acts on neurotransmitters to accelerate fat action. It also has an Anti-yoyo effect to prevent the removed fat to accumulate in the Adipocyte.
  • Extract from Tephrosia Purpurea, asset able to release endorphins (molecules of happiness), which reduce the sensation of pain characteristic of some types of cellulite.

What types of cellulite need Body Slim?

BodySlim is indicated for cellulite hard, swollen and/or painful, those in which fat cells are grouped together and exert pressure on the skin, leaving the very compacted tissue. This leads to a difficult draw, insufficient innervation and pain to the touch sensation.

Remodelling Neurocream Intelligent Volume Reducer


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Remodelling Neurocream Intelligent Volume Reducer

New Smart cream anti-cellulite, drainage and modelling of the range of Neurocosmetics Bodyslim of Montibello. Formulated with Neuro-ultrasonic...

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