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Aqua Vital Coffret Dermo-Peel Expert


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New format: 4 sessions

Individual treatment of exfoliation intense Anesi 4 sessions box

Inspired by semi-surgery dermabrasion treatments, Aqua Vital Anesi Dermo-Peel Expert treatment is perfect for all skin types requiring a strong exfoliation and a great renewal. Its effectiveness lies in the combination of plankton and other exfoliating ingredients, combined with active cleansing and oxygenating, getting to discover a new skin.

This unique Exfoliating treatment program of high-intensity Anesi,  allows a major renovation on the skin with immediate visible results on the consistency, texture and the appearance of the skin. In addition, you can be done on an individual basis and is highly effective combined with rejuvenating and bleaching treatments.

The Dermo-Peel Expert by Anesi chest contains:


Paso a Paso Tratamiento Exfoliante Anesi Dermo-Peel Expert


1. Remove make-up around the eyes with Fluide Démaquillant Yeux (waterproof) and the face with Démaquillant Aqua Vital or Mousse Radiance Aqua Vital. Complete with Aqua Vital Lotion.
2. Mix in a bowl the Poudre Peeling and Emulsion Peeling content. For a gentle exfoliation, reduce the amount of Poudre Peeling and a for a stronger exfoliation use less Emulsion Peeling.
3. Apply on the eyes contour, lips and more fragile zones the enzymatic Exfoliator Crème Gommage Caresse. For the rest of the face, use the mixture in the bowl. Apply and leave on exposure for 10 minutes (of which 5 minutes will be made very gently massaging). Avoid the eye contour.
4. Clean the skin with a damp washcloth and cottons impregnated in Lotion Aqua Vital. Clean the eye contour with Lotion Express. Dry with paper tissues.
5. Apply with a spatula a layer of Gel Oxygénant like if it was a mask for 10-15 minutes to calm and balance the skin. Remove with a wet washcloth.
6. Pour into a small bowl Aqua Vital Lotion or Lotion Caresse and introduce the Voile Pastille, which will become a veil upon contact with liquid.
7. Deploy the gauze and cover with it the face for a few minutes, for an effect of rest and comfort.
8. Apply the Fluid Repair CELL-EGF on the whole of the face. Conclude with the Crème Aqua Vital with gentle maneuvers, until fully absorbed.
9. Finish with Crème Haute Protection UVA & UVBV solar screen. After Exfoliating treatment, it is essential to protect the skin from the Sun.


Treatment Exfoliating Aqua Vital Coffret Dermo-Peel Expert chest is the replacement for the old Dermo-Peel Expert Coffret Soin Cabine.

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