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Anti-Stress Soothing II Activator Serum


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Formulated with Liposomes Assets of soothing and decongestant action, allowing the gradual release of the molecules that neutralize the free radicals and prevents redness and tightness.

This Serum Utsukusy of calming Activator effect favors the penetration of assets incorporated into the Cream Shaper hydro-Lifting Utsukusy. Dilates the pores and improves the permeability of skin. By its high content of Bisabolol, it also has anti-stress and calm properties and cooling sensitive skin.

Used in conjunction with Activator biphasic moulder hydro-Lifting to make the Treatment hydro-firming volumizing-Lifting of Utsukusy


Mode of Appplication: for treatment at home, an application is recommended on the morning of the Activator biphasic moulder hydro-Lifting and apply at night Serum Activator II soothing anti-stress with the fingertips until completely absorbed, completing an application from the size of a hazelnut of Biphasic Activator.

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